performance about our desire for the 'Sublime', the unique experience of Paradise...
We are often searching for the sublime in our relationships, in ourselves, in our society...while the experience of Paradise can be seen as a state of view, a reflection, a motion in ourselves.

This performance is about our endless desire for the pure and sublime in life, relationships and ourselves. We feel a big desire for finding a meaning in our lives and relationships and our environment. We have somehow lost sense, by lost of religion, and we are searching for new philosophy or structures for giving meaning in life and afterlife.
In this performance kept in the ‘Devils Cave’ in the park of Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, Brussels, we see 3 young and beautiful women with red dress and cape. The fake rocks were built in 1907 in a typical romantic vision how nature and parcs should look like. The women are referring to ‘Maria’ and the ticket to the ticket dispenser, shown in this performance.
The performance starts with a briefing about the content of the performance. The visitor enters a white circle of stones in the cave, watching a 10 minutes video of the sea that bounces against the rocks with the sound of the sea...The visitor has to make an inner reflection about his private desires and things he wants to achieve in life: only pure good things.
A woman is holding a small beamer in her hand as a reliquary. The three women have all a kind of a reliquary in there hands.
Than the visitor is free to walk, guided like someone who goes to the altar, to a half naked tall woman standing on a stepladder, with her eyes closed, holding a ticket machine.
The visitor gets a ticket with a random date and drawing when he will achieve Paradise,a signature of the artist is left the backside of the ticket...

performance ' Ticket to Paradise ': installation, concept and costumes by Nathalie Vanheule
performers: Gill Van Eeckhout, Liesbet Waegemans, Nathalie Vanheule
foto's by Fleur Martin and Sander Demeulemeester