'L' Enfer des fleurs'
installation with sculptures , paintings and drawings for the exhibition art in public space ' Paradise Lost Paradise in 2011 in Kortrijk (B)

The installation L' enfer des fleurs' refers to the vanitas theme. The deconstruction of life and death...There is no beauty without disharmony... It reveils the lost and and the destruction that comes with the impossibility of this desire, this paradise...

This installation consists out of mixed media such as mirrors, apples, organic material, metal, electricity, chandeleer, porcelain, plastic, acryl, cardboard, textile and wood.
The installation shows us a 17th century dining room, with big mirrors on a table, with a black chandelier of 2 meter high where you see fainted black lilies. On the mirrors there are pastel green apples with black ink and died black lilies on white fragile porcelain.
A black sculpture, as a kind of a restant of the paradise refers to the use of still life and vanitas as a theme. The strange carnival hats refers to a feast that once ended like in a black apocalypse...Vanheule uses of a lot of metaphors in this installation, such as the apples referring to the story of the Paradise and the lost of our Eden, the fainted lilies, referring to the lost of virginity and purity. The installation ‘L’ enfer des fleurs’ is about the sacrifice in life, and the desire for the Paradise that we’ve once had but lost.

Participating artists :Honoré d' O (B), Bernd Trasberger (Dui), Nadia Naveau (B), Joseph Marzolla ( Nl-IC), Stephan Balleux (B), Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen (DK), Janneke Raaphorst (Nl),
Nathalie Vanheule, (B)Melanie Bonajo (NL), Frederik Heyman (B), Jonas Vansteenkiste (B) en Alexandra Crouwers (Nl)