'WOMAN. WOMAN. WOMAN. WOMAN.', Osan Museum Of Art, Osan, South- Korea, curated by Yon Kusuk.

A New Embrace by Nathalie Vanheule Osan Museum Of Art Korea from Nathalie Vanheule on Vimeo.

Narcissus Game installation by Nathalie Vanheule at the Osan Museum Of Art from Nathalie Vanheule on Vimeo.

Text extract about the exhibition in Korea, taken from a published interview with Kitty Jackson in ArtDependence Magazine, London, April 2020:

Nathalie Vanheule: "I work with deconstruction, transition, multi-layering and the natural elements such as wind, water and fire in my artwork. Fire is destruction and new energy. Ashes are a remnant of fire and symbolize transition. They are used as a technique in agriculture to make soil fertile again. At the moment we feel a major transition with the health crisis due to the corona virus. Ashes indicate a change and transition, both in the mind, the different phases in life and in society."

"The exhibition WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN is curated by Yon Kusuk. It is so refreshing as there is an exchange and interaction between the four female artists, nothing is fixed. The set up shows four international female performance artists in a row, who are invited each period to give a big performance and build up a show in the museum with the leftovers or the process of this performance. The clay I use in my installation comes from a performance as the leftovers by the Korean artist Dailae Bae. I reshaped and deconstructed the clay shaped by the Korean performers. For my installation I added human fake eyelashes that can be found among the cracks of the single blocks of clay. It stands for the deconstruction of the structures of nature and humanity. Nature that takes on human forms, but calls for a new definition and relationship. Man distorts nature, but nature adapts and adopts human characteristics. What if the stones would have eyes and can tell us what they have seen or felt… The feeling of wanting to hold and let go. In this show of my work you can find four of my videos, one picture, three installations and two performances. In the main exhibition room we find a life scale picture of the performance 'Milk Medusa', that is photographer by Louise Mae."

"Fire plays the leading role in the performance 'A New Embrace' in which two performers in a large tongue-like veil of twelve meters burn themselves away in an embrace, just as the video does with water. The fabric of the long veil is similar to the fabric of a wedding dress, but a closer look reveals that the holes are burnt. The performers are two women who hug each other in a costume designed by Lenny Leleu that can only be worn by two people. The identity fades. Embrace and human contact, helping each other and letting go of the ego is the answer we should start from. The hug shows and burns the veil away."

"On the ten meter long wall in my expo we find 300 eyelashes that build a landscape of desires. Eyelashes mean happiness and female power. Opening eyes, reflecting, seeing, closing eyes mean fantasy, dreaming, and dying. When you close your eyes, you can be anywhere. I was inspired by the landscape of South Korea with its islands and mountains. The use of eyelashes is a question about beauty, how far can we go with this. Long full eyelashes are ideal for beauty because they recall youth, innocence and seduction."

Courtesy pictures by Nathalie Vanheule; pictures of the 'Milk Medusa' performance all rights by Louise Mae and Nathalie Vanheule. medusa-repetitie-nathalie   vanheule-louise mae.jpg close up_kl.jpg mooi osan.jpg 5.jpg Burning Eyes-fragment1  NathalieVanheule.jpg Burning Eyes-fragment3  NathalieVanheule.jpg Burning Eyes-  NathalieVanheule.jpg Burning Eyes-fragment 4  NathalieVanheule.jpg video-nathalievanheule_kl.jpg Good Things_Group   Show_Alexandra Colmenares_22.jpg