'Vanitas Extended'
Exhibition in 2015 in the museum of Ypres, Belgium.

The video is made with fragments of the video installation 'Burning Eyes' (2015) for the exhibition 'Vanitas Extended' in Ypres.

Concept by Nathalie Vanheule.
Camera by Tim Blancke for Nathalie Vanheule, assistance Gill Van Eeckhout.

‘Burning Eyes'

Full HD movie,10’, 2015.

In this movie we see a naked girl with closed eyed and dazzling long blond hair. She shares the looks from the Birth of Venus by Botticelli (1483). Associations such as the birth of Spring, the rebirth of life, the birth of happiness drop in our head while looking at this short movie.
The burned ashes drop in a real life sequence on the beautiful, androgen white face and body from the girl. They deform the girl into a skull of ashes, a man, and even a swamp full of black butterflies trying to take over humanity. We hear a repetitive sound from anxiousness and silently nature sounds mixed with birds and parrots who are pushing themselves through the hypnotic audio.
Parrot is an old symbol for the holy spirit and the free spirit. We can find the colourful parrot wings on the annunciation from the angel to Saint Mary on the tableau ‘The Lamb of God’ by Jan Van Eyck (1432). We can find the use of parrots as well in her large colon made by burned ashes on a size of 4 meter height for her installation ‘ Vanitas Extended’

Installation in the group exhibition Vanitas Extended with Stephan Balleux, Christof Zwiener, Bernd Trasberger, Christopher Holloran, Oscar Peters, Cindy Wright, Ruben Bellinkx, Tinka Pittoors, Nathalie Vanheule, Colin H. Eeckhout, Marie Cloquet, Joris Van de Moortel in the museums in Ypres ( BE)exhibition realized with the support of Jan Dewilde, Filip Deheegher, Els Verlinde, Stad Ieper, Provincie West-Vlaanderen