'The Color of Water and Tears'

Solo installation at the Texture Museum, Kortrijk, Belgium from 05/07/2015-27/09/2015. Showing the installation of the full HD video 'The color of Water and Tears', a sculpture made of salt tears, and a painting on metal.


The theme of the exhibition is the power of water, the origin of life, and her power to destruct. The fragile sculpture and the textile are made in materials that dissolve by air or by water, so the work destroys himself during the period of three months while exhibiting at the Texture Museum. The video shows a ballerina, while her clothes slowly dissolve. As a viewer we are invited to reinvent our view on perfection in life.

In Vanheule's latest works fire and water play a predominant role, taking the form of an underlying protagonist that is forgotten by the vicissitudes of the present and which, prompted by exceptional circumstance, vents its fury. We witness the power of the elements or the ravages of a form of devastation whose consequences can be seen in the videos; metal or copperplate painting and fragile sculptures.