'Aller Anfang ist Schwer'

Exhibition from 22th of October till 11th of November 2015 in theParis art space atelier Insérez le Nom. The works are on copperplate and paper. Nathalie Vanheule shows us in her fresh installation ‘Aller Anfang ist Schwer’ the attempt to hide and form your own memories and feelings within time passes away. She reveals our own story about embracing your ego and build up values but also about letting go the ego and open up your own fragile truth often hidden in many layers of perception. Copper and bronze were long time used in a rich and various tradition in Belgium culture to keep a live an important memory from growing up and childhood. Like the first worn baby shoes used to be preserved and dripped in liquid copper. The use of copper materials has always been this link with keeping memories on such a manner you can’t ignore. The memory becomes an object. Vanheule plays with this constantly flow of keeping and transforming memories. It is almost as a human instinct we want to hold on, like it defines our existence. It is important in those works and objects on copper the viewer interact by looking deeper on the work so you can notice a dominant reflection of himself in the shiny abstraction of the copperplate. This installation ‘Aller Anfang ist Schwer’ is for the artist about slightly opening up yourself, and hiding and deforming memories, good and bad ones, like we all do. The title refers to how difficult emotional changes and beginnings are in human life and relations. We are invited to take place and listen to our own reflection and deforming memories until it becomes an object you can never quite grasp.