'Milk Medusa'

An exhibition of the Belgian artist Nathalie Vanheule curated by Larissa Friedrich would have taken place at HuMBase from the 1st of July until the 22nd of July. Because of Covid-19 the exhibition was presented non-public. The performance 'Milk Medusa', together with the actress Odessa Lissia, was presented non-public on the 4th of July and recorded by the filmmaker Yanni Caloghiris.

Assistance by Alice de Angelis and Céline Teresa
Actrices Odessa Lissia and Céline Teresa
Artworks and concept by Nathalie Vanheule

Performance "The Milk Medusa" by Nathalie Vanheule from HuM-Collective on Vimeo.

ashes and echo / Nathalie Vanheule from Nathalie Vanheule on Vimeo.

Text by Larissa Friedrich:
In her work natural elements such as water, fire, ash, air and light harmonizes with the dark and the physical beauty of women. This can be done with the sublime meaning of romance and is associated with a dramatic represent of contrasts between nature and humanity.
The “Milk Medusa” is the title of the performance and projected illusion pictures in the occult atmosphere of the former New Apostolic Church in Stuttgart North. In the middle of the complex and historic main building, the performance is presented with the actress Odessa Lissia and artist Nathalie Vanheule.
„Milk Medusa“ stands for love, harmony, exchange, solidarity and communication between two women. The shown symmetrical relationship between the two protagonists, sympathizes with the composition of the background music.
The focus of the presentation will be on a two-in-one construct, a white costume that resembles a silk cocoon. The impossibility of a complete symbiosis in a mutually different desire and a verbal compassion creates a very individual perspective on the art of Nathalie Vanheule. The hugs as well as the ubiquitous proximity of both protagonists offers the opportunity to penetrate the “Milk Medusa”. To do this the performance primarily has the goal to respect the mutual humanity and the power of love that becomes unstoppable empathy for drawing attention to the promote of solidarity.

'Milk Medusa'
Performance with Odessa Lissia and Nathalie Vanheule
Costumes designed by Lenny Leleu
Music realised by Benjamin Desmet and Sebastian Kulwanowski

These pictures are from behind the scenes during the performance, photographed by Louise Mae.