'Burning Book Performance / Vanitas Extended'

Concept, book, burning and marble drawings in a curating project by Nathalie Vanheule, April 2015. During a short performance 'Burning Book Performance / Vanitas Extended', Nathalie Vanheule burns the cover from her book Vanitas Extended. Burning Book performances were presented at LUCA school of Arts, Ghent during the art book fair; and in Palais de Tokyo, Paris. The book is presented at Palais de Tokyo Paris and Berlinische Galerie, Berlin. Nathalie Vanheule: "Every book cover is burned and different, because every death experience is unique, I decided every book cover has to be unique. Fire is a new chosen symbol for Vanitas Extended as a flame used to be the symbol for vanitas in 17th century paintings. Fire means destruction and energy at the same time."

Texts by Celine Mathieu, Liesbet Waegemans, Agnès Violeau and Nathalie Vanheule.
Graphic design by Christophe Clarijs, with the assistance of Celine Mathieu.
Concept by Nathalie Vanheule.