'How Far Can We Go'

Soloshow at the Yoko Uhoda Gallery Knokke. Nathalie Vanheule: "In this exhibition I explore the limits of material, physical and emotional aspects. The transcending of our borders is something we do constantly. This happens as an expression of a consciousness to reach the goal that we have in mind. Crossing borders can also happen unconsciously by imprisonment in self-made patterns, or by what others expect from us. This resulting pattern of crossing the physical and emotional borders have almost become a necessity. How far do we want to go, is a question we ask every day.

The works are built from sandpaper and seem to have a desire to break out of their own frame. They have stains as memories of a fight for love and freedom. The sandpaper is passionately crafted with the fingertips and human body, dripped in pigment and make-up. Sandpaper is a metaphor for boundary and flattening in the physical and emotional state in which we find ourselves too often. Sandpaper polishes the wood. Makeup polishes the face. Make up has been applied as a physical drawing on the paper where we find a mechanically cold print as a memory from a repeated act. We take a lot from society. As long as it looks good and polished... When does the moment arrive to say stop? Change has never been easy.

Ashes refer to transition. It is a remnant of fire. Fire means destruction, passion and new energy. It is used as a fertility technique. The use of royale blue refers to desire and hope. The meaning of the pure blue pigment is the richness of the mind. The blue is like a blue vein of hope and positivity that erases our fears with its strength."