'Aller Anfang Ist Schwer'

Exhibition on November 2015 at the studio from Insérez le nom (DK), Paris. A series of oil and ink paintings on paper were exhibited.

Text fragment by Susie Kahlich, Paris:

"In her newest installation, 'Aller Anfang Ist Schwer', Nathalie Vanheule manifests the intimate process of the transformation of memory and emotion with the passage of time, exploring notions of constructing the ego to define, whilst deconstructing identity to reveal deeper truths, and the role memory -- cherished, denied, or rewritten -- plays. Vanheule thoughtfully plays with the endless Jacob's Ladder of memory and experience, the almost instinctive way we hold on to and define our existence by the memories we create, replace and suppress. Through her series of ink and oil paintings, she traces our very basic process of evolution as we endeavor to build our identities, while at the same time strive to unpeel layer after layer of ourselves, revealing often fragile truths hidden under the very ego we have ourselves constructed."

Pictures by Stefaan Declerck Photography.