Nathalie Vanheule
born at 10/03/1980 in Poperinge, Belgium
lives and works in Kortrijk-Paris
tel +32474 41 76 05


2002-2004: master in 3D-design, with distinction at the academy for fine arts, KASK Ghent, Belgium
2000-2003: Teachers degree, with high distinction at Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium
1998-2002: master in Graphic design, with high distinction option experimental typography and illustration, at Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium
1992-1998: Economics and mathematics at Lyceum O.L.V.Ter Nieuwe Plant in Ieper, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2017: 'HOW FAR CAN WE GO', soloshow Nathalie Vanheule, Yoko Uhoda Gallery, Zeedijk 723, Knokke (BE)
2015: 'LA LIBERTÉ CAPTURÉE N' EXISTE PAS', Lieux-Communs, Namur (BE)
2013: 'ONLY FREE BIRDS HAVE EYES',stART fotorama, Wevelgem (BE)
2010: 'SOME BLACK REFLECTION', secondroom Antwerp (BE)
2010: 'SAVE YOUR SMILE FOR THE LAST HOUR' at ‘La Générale', Paris (FR)
2009: 'I WANT TO BE YOUR ANIMAL' ,at ‘La Générale, Paris (FR)
2008: 'DOES THE UNICORN EXIST?' ,at In-Between gallery in Antwerp (BE)
2007: ‘WE FAKE BEAUTY’ at the Annie Gentils gallery in Antwerp (BE)
2006: ‘SWEET NOTHING’ at the Zebrastraat in Ghent (BE)
2005: ‘ADDICTED TO ANIMALS’ at C.C. De Herbakker in Eeklo (BE)
2004: ‘PAK MIJN PONY’ Vooruit in Ghent (BE)

Artist In Residence (selection)

2009: 'FLACC’, Genk (BE)
2006: ‘AIR ANTWERPEN’, Antwerp (BE)

Groupexhibitions (selection)

2018: 'VANITAS', groupshow curated by Iodiposito, Chiara Isadora Artico and Emiliano Montermini with the assistance of Gulia Bracco at Sala Dogana, Space for contemporary art at Palazzo Ducale Genova with the artworks from Cosima Montavoci, Nathalie Vanheule, Boris Béja , Angela Alexander Lloyd and Lorenzo I. Bordanaro at Sala Dogana at Palazzo Ducale Genova (IT)
2018: 'IK ZIE NIETS. IK ZIE ALLES' duoshow Nathalie Vanheule and Rachel Monosov (RUS) on ivitation by artcollectors at De Patria, space for contemporary in Kortrijk (BE)
2018: ' VANITAS / From DUST TILL DUST ' groupshow curated by Chiara Isadora Artico/ for B#side festival , exhibition at the space for contemporary art B#Side Gallery Treviso (IT)
2018: 'RUINS' groupshow curated by Chiara Isadora Artico/ for B#side festival at the beautiful Castle of Duino in Trieste (IT)

2017: 'IN CHAMPION', groupshow curated by Guy Malevez in CHAMPION( BE)
Groupshow curated for Lieux-Communs with international artists as Pascal Marthine Tayou, Karen Vermeeren, Kathleen Vinck, Elodie Wysocki, Nathalie Vanheule, Roan Graeffly, Tinka Pittoors, in various places in the village Champion (BE)
2017: 'RE-ART2' groupshow and auction for charity by Sotheby's Belgium, to help children enjoy a better life.
groupshow with Kris Martin, Kasper Bosmans, Decordier Louis, Stefaan Dheedene, Rein Dufait, Stanislas Lahaut, Bart Lodewijks, Muller Van Severen, Oushoorn Gauthier, Gert Robijns, Mathieu Ronsse, Helmut Stallaerts, Joris Van de Moortel, Emmanuel Vanderauwera, Vanheule Nathalie. Papierfabriek Van Gellingen Fabrieksstraat 17, 1930 Zaventem ( BE)
2017: 'LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK' groupshow, Yoko Uhoda Gallery at the Luxembourg Art Week L-1750 Luxembourg (L)
2017: 'TWINS', Groupshow curated by Jean-Marie Bytebier
groupshow with Jean-Marie Bytebier, Tinka Pittoors, Catharina Dhaen, Nathalie Vanheule, Michèle Matyn, Wim Wauman, Lore Rabaut, Maria Degreve at Zand 26, Lokeren(BE)
2017: 'LIBERTY ', groupshow curated by Georges Uhoda, with Gilbert & George,Jacques Charlier, Johan Muyle, Tony Oursler, Sarah&Charles, Nathalie Vanheule, Bernd Zimmer, Almond Chu, Joseph Marioni, Charlotte Beaudry, Jacky Tsai , YOKO UHODA GALLERY Zeedijk 723, 8300 KNOKKE (BE)
2017: 'ORGANIC MEMORY'Groupshow organised by Iodeposito, TRA and Venice Biennale Foundation, with Nathalie Vanheule, Boris Beja, curated by Veronica Pesce ,in organisation by Iodeposito , Ca' dei Ricchi Palace, TREVISO/ VENICE (IT)
2017:'VANITAS' arttalk and videoprojection during preview DOCUMENTA14 for DER KULTURKIOSK KASSEL(DE)
2017: 'WHO ELSE', groupshow with Almond Chu, Pierre Ardouvin, Johan Muyle,, John Franzen, Marc Angeli, Jacky Tsai, Djos Janssens, Nathalie Vanheule, Charlotte Marchand, Thierry Falisse, Fouad Bouchoucha at YOKO UHODA GALLERY Zeedijk 723, 8300 KNOKKE (BE)
2017: 'MEMORY AS A LIVING MATTER',groupshow curated by Elisa Torchio for B#SIDE with Man Ray, Nathalie Vanheule, Boris Beja, Cosima Montavoci, Claudio Beorchia, Ana Mrovlje, , Museum for contemporary art, Umberto Veruda Palace, TRIESTE (IT)
2017: ' EXPANDED VIDEO' groupshow and videoprojection curated by Dany Deprez with Matthieu Ronsse, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, Nathalie Vanheule, SPHINX CINEMA, GHENT (BE)
2017: 'TRANSRUPTIE', groupshow with Femmy Otten, Nathalie Vanheule, Jan Van Oost, Fia Cielen, and Costas Sinodis, curator Els Wuyts, Black Swan gallery, Langerei 24 BRUGGE (BE)
2017: 'EMBODIED MEMORY, groupshow curated by Elisa Torchio for B#SIDE with Nathalie Vanheule, Boris Beja, Cosima Montavoci,Ting Bao, Victoria Lucas, Vanessa Gageos, Anne O’ Callaghan, Ana Mrovlje, Nikolas Vamvakoulis, MUSEUM FOR CONTEMPORARY ART VILLA MANIN (IT)
2017:'NAGT', curated by Amélie Neirynck, Culturel Center for Art KNOKKE (BE)
2017: 'B#SIDE VideoArtDay - TORONTO (CAN)'
Geary Ave 360, Toronto, Ontario ,with Anne O’Callaghan, Nathalie Vanheule, Victoria Lucas, Estabrak Al Ansari, Arja Karkkainen, Geary Ave 360, Museum Toronto, Ontario (CAN)
2017: 'KEEP DRAWING. BE HAPPY', groupshow with groupshow with Pierre Ardouvin, Ricardo Brey, Nathalie Vanheule, Xavier Mary, Charlotte Beaudry, Johan Muyle, Yoko Uhoda Gallery Luik (BE)
2017: 'VIDEOARTNIGHT ',art in public space, groupshow with Nathalie Vanheule (BE), Anne O’Callaghan (CAN), Victoria Lucas (UK), Estabrak Al Ansari (IRAQ), Marina Abramovic (Montenegro), Arja Karkkainen (FIN), curated by Iodeposito, Trasimeno Square, Villa Borghese and Villa Torlonia ROME (IT)
2017: 'OUI KNOKKE/ JA KNOKKE' groupshow with Pierre Ardouvin, Nathalie Vanheule, Joachim Coucke, John Franzen, Johan Muyle, Charlotte Beaudry, Frédéric Platéus, Almond Chu, Zeedijk 723, 8300 KNOKKE (BE)

2016: 'LE JOUR LE PLUS COURT', groupshow with Almond Chu, Robert Devriendt, Mark Melvin and Nathalie Vanheule, Yoko Uhoda Gallery, Liège (BE)
2016: 'THE STARTING POINT', performance at the highest rooftop in Venice with performer Astrid Haerens, curator Chiara Isadora Artico for B#side war project/Molino Stucky, Venice (IT)
2016: 'LANDS OF MEMORY', curated by iodiposito for B# Side War Festival with Nathalie Vanheule, Victoria Lucas, Claudio Beorchia, Jane Glynn, Gordon Belray, Cosima Montavoci, Luca Terenzi, Battlefield Museum in Vittoria Veneto (IT)
2016: 'VANITAS/TICKET TO PARADISE', performance in collaboration with the artist Joshua Cesa, melting the performance in Joshua Cesa's soundinstallation, for B#side war project, curator Chiara Isadora Artico, galleria Bombi, Gorizia (IT)
lecture about Vanitas Extended +performance and video installation with Roderik Six, Annelies A.A. Van Belle and Nathalie Vanheule, IN FLANDERS FIELDS MUSEUM Ypres (BE)
2016 'EN FLAMME', group show about decay, passion, construction and deconstruction with Hannelore Van Dijck, Joris Van de Moortele, Stefan Peters, Philippe Van Wolputte, Joachim Coucke, Christof Zwiener, Bianca Bondi, Nathalie Vanheule at FIRMA, Vilvoorde (BE)
2016:"VIDEO ART & INSTALLATION/ KINDS OF MEMORY /Female artists and the ‘900 conflicts", curator Chiara Isadora Artico for B#side war project, group show with Nathalie Vanheule, Vanessa Gageos, Victoria Lucas, on the roof of the historical building Molino Stucky, Venice (IT)
2016:'EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY ART PHYSIS & TÉKHNE' , group show with O Yemi Tubi, Cosima Montavoci, Anastasia Vepreva, John Atkins, Linda Duvall, Victoria Lucas, Vanessa Gageos, Nathalie Vanheule, Daniel Wechsler, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti at Società Cormonese Austria Gallery, Cormons (IT)
2016: "HAPPENING IN PERFECT CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE 100 YEARS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SIXTH ISONZO BATTLE", curator Chiara Isadora Artico, B#side war project/ VANITAS by Nathalie Vanheule projected in the gallery Bombi, Gorizia (IT)
2016: 'KVDM', groupshow Arts Platform Zebrastraat Ghent(BE)
curator Isolde De Buck, groupshow with Stefan Peters, Hedwig Brouckaert, Sofya Demskaya, Samuel Vanderveken,Colin Waeghe, Nathalie Vanheule,... at the ZEBRAstraat, Arts Platform , Ghent (BE)
2016:" FEMALE VIDEO ARTISTS AND THE WAR / CONTEMPORARY LEGACIES OF THE ‘900 WARS AND THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN PRESERVING THE COMMON MEMORY" groupshow with Marina Abramovic, Nathalie Vanheule, Vanessa Gageos, Victoria Lucas, Estabrak Al Ansari, Anne O ‘Callagan, curator Chiara Isadora Artico for B#side war project, Zattere Cultural Flow Zone, Venice (IT)
2016: "ESPECES D'ESPACES", abattoirs de Bomel, Namur, curator Lieux-communs
groupexhibition with Jacques Charlier, Michel François,Florian Kiniques, Stephanie Roland, Audrey Frugier, Nathalie Vanheule, ...Centre for Art and Culture, Abattoirs de Bomel, Namur'(BE)

2015: MHKA MUSEUM FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, collaboration as a visual artist with Mauro Pawloski, Nathalie Vanheule, Maryam Nayd, Carlos Aires, Kati Heck, Celine Felga, Jean Paul Lespgagnard in a concept by Chantal Yzermans in her performance 'Partner/You' at the MHKA, Antwerp (BE)
2015: 'ALLER ANFANG IST SCHWER', solo presentation at the studio from Insérez Le Nom (DK), Bercy Paris (FR)
2015: 'BURNING BOOK PERFORMANCE', Burning the cover from the book ' Vanitas Extended in a invited lecture and presentation from the book Vanitas Extended at LUCA, School of Arts Ghent, Art Brussels and at La Librairie de Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)
2015: 'THE COLOR OF WATER AND TEARS', solo presentation at the Texture Museum, in the theme of the group show FLUX and Verleieding at the Texture Museum Kortrijk (BE)
2015: ’VANITAS EXTENDED’, exhibition in the inner city and musea in Ypres, with Stephan Balleux, Christof Zwiener, Bernd Trasberger, Christopher Holloran, Oscar Peters, Cindy Wright, Ruben Bellinkx, Tinka Pittoors, Colin H. Eeckhout, Marie Cloquet, Joris Van de Moortel in In Flanders Fields Museum, Cathedral, Stedelijk Museum, Godshuis Belle Museum and C.C. Het Perron in Ypres ( BE)
2015: 'OCCUPIED EMOTIONS', curated by Pony Attack, group show with Ruben Bellinkx,Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven,Nadia Naveau, Christine Clinxks, PeterKristinn, LIesbet Waegemans, Sofie Muller, Nathalie Vanheule, Elke Andreas Boon, Julie Chovin, Arnika Mull, Nina Lassila, Julie Scheurweghs, Athos Burez, Silvia B. at the Broelkaai 6/Broelmuseum, Kortrijk (BE)
2015: THE BIG EMBRACE.05.09.15, performance under 100 year old fruit trees from my ancestors in Zuidschote (BE)
2015:'THE COLOR OF WATER AND TEARS' performance with a water solvable tutu worn by ballerina Silke Delrue at the Texture Museum Kortrijk (BE)
2015: ' THE EMBRACE', performance in collaboration with Peter Sattler (AU) at Broelmuseum Kortrijk (BE)
2015: ' TICKET TO PARADISE-PARIS', performance with Bryndis (IC) in a in timid setting in a private Paris apartment with actors and dancers of the opera in Paris (FR)
2015: ' TICKET TO PARADISE-LONDON', performance with Kathrin Lodes (DE) in a secret setting in a private London apartment with designers for Vivienne Westwood in Londen (UK)

2014: 'CAPITA SELECTA', curated by Jan Leysen and Monia Warnez, groupshow with Balthasar Burkhard, Carl Johan Högberg, Matthieu Ronsse, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Leigh Ledare, Anthony Goicolea, Joris Van de Moortel, Birgit Brenner, Tatjana Gerhard, Jef Geys, Peter Buggenhout, Thorsten Brinkmann, Stephan Balleux, Nathalie Vanheule, Brendan Lynch, Sascha Weidner, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk (BE)
2014:'PARC-ours PARKunst', exhibition in public space in Woluwepark, curator Guy Malevez, Sint-Pieters Woluwe (BE)
2014:'TICKET TO PARADISE', performance in public space in Woluwepark, curator Guy Malevez, performers: Gill Van Eeckhout, Liesbet Waegemans and Nathalie Vanheule, Sint-Pieters Woluwe (BE)

2013: 'DE BEPERKING VAN HET GETAL KINDERS',groupshow with Barry Camps,Alexandra Crouwers ,Lieven Segers, Thierry Mortier, Pieterjan Ginckels, Nathalie Vanheule, Anne-Mie Vankerckhoven , Colin Waeghe,Tinka Pittoors and Lotte Veuchelen ,curator Tom Nys, at LOkAAL 01, Antwerp(BE)
2013: 'TRIENNALE OF SCULPTURE', Campo&Campo, with Jan Fabre and Vic Gentils in Antwerp (BE)

2012: 'A BURNT OUT CASE', at NGBK Berlin (DE)
2012: 'E.E.A DECENIUM', installation in group show at Am Flutgraben artspace, Berlin (DE)
2012: 'ONLY ROOM FOR HEROES', performance in collaboration with Janneke Raaphorst (NL), for E.E.A in Am Flutgraben, Berlin (DE)

2011: 'PARADISE LOST PARADISE’, with Honoré d'O (BE),Melanie Bonajo (NL),Bernd Trasberger (DE), Frederik Heyman (BE), Nadia Naveau (Nl), Athena Llewellynn(US), Janneke Raaphorst (NL), Joszeph Marzolla (IC), Barbara Amelie Skovmand Thomsen (DK), Jonas Vansteenkiste (BE), Stephan Balleux (BE), Alexandra Crouwers (Nl) art in public space Kortrijk (BE)

2010: 'BIENNALE MDD, BEYOND THE SUBLIME', Museum Dhondt Dhaems, Deurle (BE)
2010: ‘FASHIONCLASH’, installation at the Timmerfabriek Maastricht( NL)
2010: ‘FLOPPELGANGERS’, with Avi Krispin (IL), Jack Piers Scott (UK), Sakari Tervo (FI), Philip Tonda Heide (DK), Christopher Holloran(UK), Nathalie Vanheule (BE) curated by NOVGORODS & E.E.A, Leeds (UK)
2010: 'APPOCALYPSE TWINS’, performance on live music for music band 'SX', at secondroom Antwerp + Flying Saucers are Real, Antwerp (BE)
2010: 'SAVE YOUR SMILE FOR THE LAST HOUR', performance for BIENNALE MDD, BEYOND THE SUBLIME', Museum Dhondt Dhaems, Deurle (BE)
2010: 'ARMY OF ANGELS’, performance Novogorods and E.E.A., Leeds (UK)
2010: 'SAVE YOUR SMILE', performance at la Générale, Paris (FR)

2009: ‘BELLE EPOQUE’, for EUROPALIA, with Lore Vanelslande(BE), Ronny Delrue(BE), Maleonn(CN), Huang Ling(CN), Jiang Weitao(CN), Zhang Yaxin(CN), Wang Qin(CN) in Belgium Consulate Shanghai(CN)
2009: 'ADEMLOOS',auction and expo at Bernaerts Antwerp, curator FlOR BEX, MHKA, Museum for contemporary Art Antwerp (BE) with Fred BERVOETS, Guillaume BIJL, Michaël BORREMANS, Hedwig BROUCKAERT, Koen BROUCKE, Mil CEULEMANS, Christine CLINCKX, Anton COTTELEER, Kris FIERENS, Joris GHEKIERE, Karin HANSSEN, Kati HECK, Jan KEMPENAERS, Stéphanie LEBLON, Charlotte LYBEER, Wesley MEURIS, Sofie MULLER, Ria PACQUEE, Tinka PITTOORS, PJEROO ROOBJEE, William SWEETLOVE, Johan TAHON, Luc TUYMANS, Rinus VAN DE VELDE, Johan VAN GELUWE, Anne-Mie VAN KERCKHOVEN, Els VANDEN MEERSCH, Nathalie VANHEULE, Pieter VERMEERSCH, Kris VLEESCHOUWER en Cindy WRIGHT
2009: ‘FASHIONCLASH’, with Levi Van Veluw (NL) at the Timmerfabric Maastricht( NL)
2009: 'LOVING YOU IS EASY', with Karen Vermeren (BE), Janneke Raaphorst(Nl), Kati Lagast (BE), Kim Rikken (NL), Inga Cholmogorova (LT) Stadsvisioenen Mechelen(BE)
2009: 'CRUEL INTENTIONS', expo with Rachel Agnew, Cindy Wright, Happy famous artists, Nadia Naveau, Filip Vervaet, Ruben Kindermans at Paardenstallen Broelmuseum Kortrijk (BE)

2008: ’PLAY TIME’ with Anneke Eussen (DUI), Frederik Heyman(BE), Rachel Agnew(BE), Bart Van Dijck (BE), Léopoldine Roux( FR) De Zaal Ghent (BE)
2008: 'A PUZZLED WORLD', grand place, Kortrijk, (BE)

2007: 'FASHION-SCHOOT', fashion museum MOMU Hasselt (BE)
2007: 'DESOLATED ANGELS', with Sarah& Charles (BE) curated by Bernd Trasberger cluster gallery, Berlin (DUI)
2007: ‘REWIND & REPEAT’, with Karen Vermeren (BE) in Budabox, Kortrijk,(BE)
2007: ‘ART COLOGNE’, with Kati Heck (BE), H.F.A (UK) for Gallery Annie Gentils, Keulen(DE)
2007: ‘PULSE SHOW NY’, with Kati Heck (BE) for Gallery Annie Gentils, New York (US)
2007: ’25 JAAR DE VOORUIT VIERT FEEST’, with Mauro Pawlowski, Wim Vandekeybus, Gerda Dendooven, Gabriel Rios, Arne Sierens, Compagnie Cecilia, Dirk Roofthooft, Josse De Pauw, Bent Van Looy, The Bony King of Nowhere, Lawrence Malstaf, Dolores Bouckaert, Nathalie Vanheule, at the VOORUIT, Ghent (BE)
2007: ’LOOKING FOR A FRIEND’, performance at the Tate Modern Gallery Londen (UK)
2007: ’SEARCH FOR YOUR VALUE AND COLOUR’, performance Annie Gentils gallery Antwerp (BE)
2007: ’DIGGING FOR GORDON’, performance from Danny Devos and music by Mauro Pawlowski on a secret place in Antwerp (BE)

2006: ‘SWEET TERROR’ curator Mauro Pawloski & Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven(BE), with Michael Dans(BE), Angnes Geoffray (FR), Barbara Breitenfellner ( DUI), Jurgen Ots(BE), Douglas Kirk (UK)AIR ANTWERPEN
2006: ’TERRORKID FOR TERRORKIDS’ with Karen Vermeren in Budabox, Kortrijk (BE)

2005: ‘WEIGHT ON ME BABY', Eau Revoir, Ithaka STUK, Leuven, (BE)
2005: ‘CHINA IDOL’,performance public subway in Ghent, (BE)
2005: ‘FOUR WHITE BLANKETS’, performance with Janneke Raaphorst Vondelpark Amsterdam(Nl).
2005: ‘GIFTS FOR FREE’, performance with Doleres Bouckaert, Voix Gras at STUK Leuven (BE)

2004: ‘SMAK COMING PEOPLE 04’,with Vadim Vosters (BE),Jon Waterschoot (BE),at The Museum for Modern Art SMAK, Ghent,(BE)
2004: THE HEMPTINE, Ghent (BE)
2004: ‘THIS STREET IS MINE’, Performance with Janneke Raaphorst(NL) and Peter Pezzamenti (US) in Fith Avenue, New York(US)
2004: ‘TAKE MY PONY’ performance at festival Encounter BRNO, (TCH)
2004: ‘APPLAUSE PERFORMANCE’, performance in a secret electro ping-pong bar Berlin (DE)
2004: ‘VERTEKEN ME’, performance at the MUSEUM FOR FINE ARTS, Ghent (BE)
2004: ‘PAK MIJN PONY’, performance at the Vooruit in Ghent, (BE)

2003: ‘KINDERSURPRISE’ in Beelitz-Heilstatten in Berlin (DUI)
2003: ‘WARRIORS OF BEELITZ ‘ the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (Nl)
2003: ‘AUX TALON’, curator Guy Bovyn, gallery Kunst-Zicht in Ghent (BE)
2003-2004: ‘I CALL U CAKE’, series of performances in personal places in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp(BE), Amsterdam (Nl), Berlin (Dui), New York ( US).
2003: ’GRAND TOUR', with Ben Benaouisse , Elke Andreas Boon, Peter Buggenhout, Stijn Cole, Louis Decordier, Stefaan Dheedene, Nick Ervinck, Honoré d'O, Job Koelewijn, Kris Martin, Karl Mechnig , Fien Muller, Steve Schepens, Johan Tahon, Ignace Van Ingelgom, Erlend van Landeghem, Bent van Looy, Hannes Van Severen, Pieter Vermeersch, Vadim Vosters , Nathalie Vanheule at the Museum for Fine Arts MSK in Ghent (BE)
2003: 'OORLOG IS GEEN KUNST, with Johan Grymonprez, An Pierlé, Peter Vermeersch, Tom Barman, Marijke Pinoye, Needcompany, Anna Luyten, Nic Balthazar, Stefan Hertmans, Elke Andreas Boon, Nathalie Vanheule, Ben Benaouisse, Johan Dehollander at the VOORUIT, Arts and Music centre, Ghent (BE)